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ROTG OC: Rei N. Carnation by yinyangswings ROTG OC: Rei N. Carnation by yinyangswings
Biographical Information
Full Name: Rei N. Carnation
Other Name(s): N/A
Birthplace: Asia
Current Residence: Underworld
Occupation: Child of Rebirth
Morality: Good
History: Not much is known other than that she came somewhere from ancient Asia, years before Toothania came along. Not even she remembers her past, however she doesn’t see any problem with her not remembering, seeing it more as a good thing, as she would miss what she has lost. She was the second ‘child’ of Grimm, and therefore has seen many people come and go. She was one of the original three ‘Deaths’ to fight Eris. Because of this, Eris despises her and the feeling is mutual, largely due to the fact that Rei had had a relationship with Akim, and witnessed his death by the hands of Eris.

Gender: Female
Race: Human (originally)
Eye Color: Silver and red
Hair Color: Black
Outfit She wears a dark purple furisode that has poppies strewn all over the fabric, with a deep red sash wrapped around it. Over that she wears a dark grey long hanten. In her hair is a comb that is a white lotus flower, the rest of the comb a dark grey. She wears dark red lip-stick and blue eye shadow on her face.
Personality: Kind, caring, and considerate, she was very sympathetic toward everyone, even her enemies. However she is known to be disciplined, dependable, responsible, hard-working and uncompromising as well. Due to her duty, she cannot pity the dead who come to her, allowing them an honest and just reincarnation. She usually shows having less emotion than her allies. Whether she has trouble showing emotions, or simply wants to control showing them, is unknown. Any small change seen in Rei in terms of emotion usually means that there is a strong undertone under it all. She is a very wise woman for her age, and quite deceptive

Relatives: unnamed mother (deceased)
unnamed father (deceased)
unnamed multiple brothers and sisters (deceased)
Affiliations: Children of Death

Grimm R. Eaper: She is extremely loyal to him. All she desires is to be helpful to him, as she feels that he saved her. Being the oldest ‘daughter’ of his family, she listens to his orders dutifully.
Dave Y. Jones: If he wasn’t immortal, she probably would have strangled him at some point. His wild behavior drives her up walls, and sometimes she thinks he does that just to break her peace and quiet. She sees him as a younger brother, and therefore treats as such.
Plague: She and Plague get along quite well, as they were ‘siblings’ together the longest. They know all each other’s secret and don’t even need to communicate to talk to each other. They normally spend down time together playing intellectual board games.
Willa Wisp: She cares deeply about Willa. Being the youngest and most naïve of the Children of Death, Rei sees it as her duty to protect her and babies her constantly. If Willa ever becomes injured, Rei is likely to go into a rage, and wish to murder whoever is responsible in the most painful and slow ways as possible. Rei is constantly Willa’s partner if a mission. She tends to see her as a motherly presence to Willa.
Jack Frost: When she first meets him, she doesn’t really enjoy his company. This is more to the fact that his personality reminds her of Dave’s. She at first doesn’t appreciate Jack’s relationship to Willa, seeing it as he willingly gave up his memories (though she never voices this accusation). However when an incident happens and Jack refuses to leave Willa, she begins to treat him kinder.
Aleksandra North: She highly respects the woman, and despite being older than her looks up to Aleksandra. She trusts Aleksandra to a fault and is willing to argue about her. She is also close to the woman, as Aleksandra’s deceased brother was Rei’s crush.
North: She respects him because he’s married to Aleksandra.
Sandman: She is neutral towards him, but admires what he does for children.
Toothiana: She doesn’t mind the hybrid, and in fact finds her antics rather amusing.
Bunnymund: She is conflicted with him. Despite their jobs being on close to the same spectrum (him ensuring the cycle of life, her being rebirth), he is uncomfortable with Grimm and the children of Death (for a reason that is unknown except for Grimm and Bunnymund). However he seems to be the most at ease around her.

Minions: N/A
Enemies: Eris

Powers and Abilities
Power(s): Her powers like her siblings mainly delve in the spiritual sense. However unlike her siblings, she sees the world as well vibration like waves that emanate from every person. Red means that their intentions and their journey has taken a darker path, white means that their intentions and their journey has taken the correct path, and grey means that they’re neutral. This allows her to judge whether or not they can become reincarnated, and also what they can be reincarnated to.
Weapon: She fights with a low-risk and high-return type of warfare that isn't fixated on the methods used to win. Her main weapon is a large dagger that represents a nail attached to a spiritual chain. Nothing can break the chain and it can retract or lengthen.
Strengths: Able to tell when someone is lying, due to waves
Weaknesses: Large crowds (due to her sight)

‘We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.’
‘Plague and I are just proof that as the generations went, the idea of calm vanished.’

Background Information
Voice Actress: Colleen Clinkenbeard

I had to you use references from an anime called Aoi Bungaku...because I can't draw kimonos to save my life ^^;....
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