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Commission: Elder Feikin Tiatha by yinyangswings Commission: Elder Feikin Tiatha :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 3 8 The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 5 by yinyangswings The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 5 :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 3 2 The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 4 by yinyangswings The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 4 :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 4 2 Art Trade: Two Pissed Wives... by yinyangswings Art Trade: Two Pissed Wives... :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 6 25 The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 3 by yinyangswings The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 3 :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 5 7 The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 2 by yinyangswings The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Page 2 :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 2 2 Takuya Sento by yinyangswings Takuya Sento :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 6 2 Emiko Kokurai by yinyangswings Emiko Kokurai :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 2 0 Natsuko Ueda by yinyangswings Natsuko Ueda :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 6 4 Art Trade: Hogwarts AU by yinyangswings Art Trade: Hogwarts AU :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 6 35 Commission: Ages by yinyangswings Commission: Ages :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 4 7 Tomomi Kurie by yinyangswings Tomomi Kurie :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 3 0
Kurie Clan Info
Kurie Clan
History and Beginnings:
The Kurie Clan is a small clan that resides in Konohagakure. Originating from a group of priestesses and monks, the Kurie Clan worshipped the spirit Seiryuu, caring for it as well as the spirits ‘offspring’; five eggs, each of a different color. They lived in relative peace and solitude for many decades in ancient times around what would later be known as the Land of Fire, alongside three other clans. However, over time, Seiryuu grew jealous of the other spirits, and swore to destroy them. He took over a loyal monk, tainting him, and with the help of other loyal members, created a faction in the clan; The Junichi Clan. The remaining members of the fledgling clan banded together with Seiryuu’s ‘children’: Tsuchi; the earth dragon summon, Mizu; the water dragon summon, Ka; the fire dragon summon, Fū; the wind dragon summon, and Kū; the sky dragon summon, and the other three clans to defea
:iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 3 0
Maire and Logan by yinyangswings Maire and Logan :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 6 5 The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Cover by yinyangswings The Fox and The Dragon Chapter 3 Cover :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 8 4 Kohana Kurie through the Ages by yinyangswings Kohana Kurie through the Ages :iconyinyangswings:yinyangswings 9 6
Yay!!! Drawings!!! :D :bow:

I'm gonna change Meira Black's (Sirius and Moria's second daughter) name....what sounds better? PT. 2!! 

14 deviants said Máire=Love
14 deviants said Miranda=Wonderful


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Favourite genre of music: classical or gothic
Favourite style of art: manga
MP3 player of choice: ipod video
Wallpaper of choice: anime
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto
Personal Quote: A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing

Art Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 24, 2018, 8:59 PM

The first 10 people that comment on this journal, will be featured, and I will choose between 3-5 deviations of yours that i really like/love.

If you comment, please do so as well, putting the tagger(me), and 3-5 pieces of my own art on the first place!

(The idea is to spread art around)

1. :iconneko-comix:

Between two worlds vol 7 page 1 by neko-comix Hug wanted  3/3 by neko-comix Double Trouble-page 2 by neko-comix Between two worlds vol 6 page 81 by neko-comix
It's an honor to watch her artwork grow and change, also it's been fun seeing how she's added to her comic with the redrawings.

2. :iconnelyasun:
Max And Harri by Nelyasun Your Father and his ideas by Nelyasun Nelya Sleeping In The Tv Chair by Nelyasun Hermione and Ginny by Nelyasun
Even using dollmakers, she creates very vivid creations through the dollmakers and if making a gift or an art trade, she makes them incredibly accurate and true to the other art. Awesome job!

3. :iconnubbybub:
Meje is annoyed by Nubbybub Amaya by Nubbybub cookie by Nubbybub
A great friend, she is incredibly involved with my artwork and a big supporter of my commissions. She has ideas and is not afraid to tell them!

4. :iconcoattailsofjustice:
The General - Wardrobe by CoattailsOfJustice  ArtTrade -Magic Flowers + Other Trustworthy Things by CoattailsOfJustice Bind Me by CoattailsOfJustice Trade - Night Visitor Page 3 by CoattailsOfJustice
An artist with as much talent as she has a sense of humor, she is a great friend and it's been a joy to watch how her art has developed over the years.

5. :iconcar-54:
Stay         This was surprisingly disturbing for Siri. She found herself taken aback by this revelation from her padawan. She needed to think very carefully about how to respond.
But her own emotional response was getting in the way...
“Ferus I can't believe you'd leave the order.”
“Siri, I'm not sure I belong here. It's because of me that Darra is dead”
Darra Thel-Tanis had fallen after a battle that the padawans should never have been in without a more experienced Jedi. Siri had been worried that Ferus would feel more than his share of responsibility for his fellow padawans death. Her concerns were apparently well founded.
“Ferus there's plenty of responsibility to go around on that. You bear some, yes, but so does Anakin, so do all of the masters on the mission, including me. You don't suggest that we all leave the order do you?”
“Well no...”
“Well then don't hold yourself to a higher standard than the rest
The Tennyson WarAN: This story is a gift for Pikafang.  
It was total chaos as the Tennysons dealt with an ambush by several of their enemies.
Under the direction of Vilgax, who was fighting with Max, other enemies kept the younger Tennysons too occupied to get involved with the alien warlords attempt to settle old scores with his old nemesis.
Gwen was dealing with Charmcaster and Hex. Chamcaster seamed to be holding back some but Hex was fully committed to killing Gwen. “What's wrong lucky girl, has your luck run out?”
Still she was keeping them at bay, worried about when Charmcaster might step up and, with her uncle, overwhelm their her.
Ash was dealing with an army of mutated animals sent by Dr. Animo. They were no match for the electric dragon and she was easily dispatching all of them, but it was enough to keep her from assisting the others; including the one she was most concerned about, Gwen.  
Ben, in the mean time was dealing with Kevin, Sixsix and Kraab. Like Gwen he wa
Frozen: Waiting for the Thaw     “Your Majesty,” Kai, the King's attendant announced, “Lady Elisabeth Anderson and her young son Daniel.”
A young woman walked in. She had blue eyes, pale skin and long, raven black hair. Next to her walked a boy with dark brown hair, and eyes just like his mothers, he was just a little older than the Kings oldest daughter Elsa.
The boy bowed and his mother curtsied.
“You may rise.” The king instructed.
The Queen spoke next. “Your husband is at sea again?”
King Agdar spoke to his wife. “The Admiral thinks the problem we've been having with pirates is a coordinated effort and wishes to see to the hunt personally.”
“And to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit.” the Queen asked.
A smile graced the face of Lady Anderson. “My young sailor would like to see his best friends this evening.”
Her smile was matched by the one the Queen wore. “Gerda, please bring the girls in.”

He has a lot stories and too many to count, but all of them seem interesting and in different fandoms!

6. :icondannewitz95:
ROTG War Chapter 3 Part 1    About a year and three months had passed since Time had joined the guardians and things had been quiet. Until the guardians were summoned, when everyone was at the pole Manny had appeared before them.
    “Thank you for coming” Manny said.
    “So what’s going on?” Cupid asked.
    “It’s the gate” Manny said.
    “What gate?” Jack said.
    “There is a place that’s the source of powerful magic” Tooth said.
    “Called Santoff Claussen” Sandy said.
    “Santoff Claussen is where we came from” North said.
    “I know that place” Time said “the time wizards had started there until they found my mother.”
    “Also Pitch will do anything to get there
Cast of ROTG WarGuardians                                            Enemies                                        Extra
Jack Frost                                            Pitch                                             Pix
ROTG War Chapter 14 Part 2    Later that night Sandy had decided to stay the night at his island, even though the guardian’s exile was brief Sandy found giving dreams was easier when he’s on the island. He found out that there are Dream Knights to protect the island and are able to transport dream sand all over the world, with their shields. As Sandy saw the island’s sand started moving and went through every shield the Dream Knights had and soon Sandy fell asleep, unaware of the threat out there. In Richmond, Virginia a tall man dressed in dark grey, tattered, long sleeve shirt and sweet pants watched the dream sand floated to the kids.
    “Well” the man said “I guess Sapare was right. A Dream Giver is still alive. Good thing, cause I am famished.”
    The man transformed into a shark and swam through the air, passing through walls and grabbing kids’ dreams. As each dream was taken the child just kept s

He has a interesting ROTG fanfiction going. Go check it out!



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